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Release date:
March 01, 2018

Pixel Arcade, Missile Escape

Virtex Edge Design
Toronto, Canada

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contact (at) virtexedgedesign dot com


The Chaotic Workshop
Metric Racer (Coming Soon)


Space Esc8bit is a fast paced, 8-bit themed mobile missile run game, with the goal to both get as high an altitude as possible as well as score as high as possilble by out-maneuvering as many missiles as possible. You must race to the stars and dodge an onslaught of incoming missiles before you become cindered stardust yourself.

Space Esc8bit includes an Ad supported Free version and a Paid version with no ads. Some additional features such as unloackable ships and are slated to be added to the paid version at an upcoming date.


Total Scores, Total Altitude as well as Time Survived are all submitted to Platform Specific Leaderboards. It allows for global competiveness among the playing population.


Multiple Achievements are avable for Length of Time Survived. Number of Missiles Survived against as well as Height Achieved.

Weapons & Danagers

Progressivelly Aggressive Weapons and Dangers start to appear as the players Altitude Climbs. As you get higher, the speed of your ship increases as well providing an ever increasing level of difficulty.

Basic Homing Missiles are at the game starts. These are relatively easy to avoid and provide a good butnot overly-daunting challenege early on. Your ship can take two direct hits from these missiles before they completely destroy your ship.

Purple Heat Seakers are next, with their greater speed and tighter turning radius, These provide more of a challenege than the previous type. Shields are still effective but these will deal a one-shot kill if they hit your ship.

Mines begin to spawn after these. These are difficult to see but provide a pinging noise as you approcach them. Even with shields, these are still a one-hit kill.

Power Ups

Shield Power ups are available from the start, which can protect your ship from any incomign missile type.
Red Health Regen Power Ups allow you to repair your ship. These are helpful against getting hit from the Initial Grey Homing Missiles.

Green Speed Boosts begin to spawn later on. These are helpful in getting you out of tight spots quickly when persued by a number of missiles.

Pink EMPs (or Electro Magnetic Pulses) zap all present missiles causing their engines to shut down and the missiles to spin out of control.

Yellow Scatter Missiles are defensive missiles which target the nearest incoming hostile missile. These take some time to lock on, but have a tight turning radius and highest speed in the game.


Launch Trailer


Teaser Trailer



Below is a collection of Gifs and Screenshots. All Gifs and Screenshots are hosteed on Gfycat and Imgur respecitively for ease of linking.

You can get more images from us by contacting us!

download logo and banner files as .zip (1.4MB)


There are two versions for each platform. A Lite Ad Supported Version, and a Full Paid Ad-Free version.
The full version will include updates with additional features such as Unlockable Ships.

Below are links to each vesion for each platform. Get in contact with us if you have any questions or requests.



Space Esc8bit Main Site
Space Esc8bits main site games.virtexedge.com/SpaceEsc8bit.

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